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A mobile mechanic provides a convenient way to maintain your car in a healthy and good working condition. From cylinder head gaskets to mufflers, you require cost-effective auto repair services and excellent customer service, offering towing services, auto repair and auto diagnosis.

Such has been our mission statement since day one when we established Auto Mechanic Technology, in Oklahoma, slightly more than 11 years ago. It is our goal to ensure your car, truck or van continues to run as it did on the day you bought it.


Whether you have a classic car or a family camper, our teams of mechanics are all highly competent. Each one makes sure motorists are safe and are never waiting for longer than necessary. Any mobile mechanic who works for us is knowledgeable on all makes and models of automobiles.

On employment, we conduct detailed background checks on each mobile mechanic individually to confirm they are trustworthy. We feel that every Oklahoma city mobile mechanic offers the ultimate capabilities. Because of this, we believe they are equally the most polite and professional.

Since we work 24/7, 365 days a year, it is unknown when motorists will call, and therefore a mobile mechanic may be faced with many demands during the day or night. Regardless of whether your vehicle is in your home, the roadside, or your place of work, you will find our mobile mechanics Oklahoma city professionals. arrive on time.



Because of the trend in the services motorists need, we have expanded our service portfolio to cover more than just roadside failures, even if these breakdowns constitute the bulk of calls from motorists who find their vehicles stranded.

Many customers return for maintenance and inspections, as the leading provider of mobile mechanical services in Oklahoma – California. We are proud of every mobile mechanic we have and are regarded as the top experts.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service, backed by the satisfaction of the 6440 customers we have serviced over the past 11 years and proud alumni from Oklahoma State Uni.

We also repair and mantain.

To have a mobile mechanic working for you means you can service your engine at any time. There is a responsibility you have to your vehicle, and this responsibility is routine maintenance.

So why scramble to locate a garage with capacity and affordability? It’s easier to book a mobile mechanic at Auto Mechanic Technology, here in Oklahoma California.

A mobile mechanic will handle the following to switch your vehicle from tortoise-like to a fast and efficient car.

Ignition Systems: A vehicle’s ignition systems consist of many separate parts, which is why they are the most problematic. A mobile mechanic we send may need to skip straight ahead to perform some diagnostics on the vehicle’s engine.

Spark plugs represent a standard replacement and are easy to repair because a mobile mechanic can spot them if he’s alert. Distributor and rotor problems can be confusing, as the symptoms may be the same as your spark plugs; however, our mobile mechanic will track the issue by being conscientious.

In time, wire sheaths dry out and crack and your wires may eventually lose their connections. Our automotive technicians will trace the break with a systematic approach.

Air, Oil, Fluids and Filters: Many of the items here do not cause too many problems for a mobile mechanic or your vehicle. What they do is make the car perform poorly. Filters are there to keep the air in your engine clean as well as the oil and fuel. A mobile mechanic can check which filters are dirty; air and oil are the most common.

A quick change may be enough, but oil filters take longer. We will, however, do this without leaving any traces of oil and we will dispose of the old oil. Be it issues affecting your car’s ability to pump fluids or leaks due to various levels of damage to the hoses, calling in a fast and reliable mobile mechanic will make a world of difference.

Battery: If the battery is dead, it can be a quick troubleshooting solution and starting the engine, or the battery may need replacing. In either case, the only thing your mobile mechanic has to know is the vehicle model and year of your vehicle before finding a replacement.

Other routine maintenance repairs that will be performed periodically by a mobile mechanic from Auto Mechanic Technology include the following.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Recharge

We have a mobile mechanic on hand who will take care of any faulty AC units, be it defective compressors and switches, leaky vacuums, charge testing or charging your air conditioning unit.

It is essential to have control of your vehicle and engine compartment air conditioning. Whether past or emerging problems arise, it is necessary to know you have access to the best mobile mechanic for your A/C in Oklahoma.

Brake Replacement

A vehicle’s brakes are fundamental. When you see the warning light on your instrument panel, it means brake fix or perhaps brake pad replacement. Brakes making a strange sound or you hear grinding, these are more signs you need to turn to a certified mobile mechanic. Let us know, and we can send a mobile mechanic to change the brakes and test them.

A mobile mechanic doesn’t allow customers to drive dangerous vehicles, because every mobile mechanic of ours is answerable.

Radiator Repair Oklahoma City

Cooling system failures represent the most significant source of breakdowns on the highway. At the time of inspection, leakage may be straightforward to spot from a split hose or virtually impossible to locate if it is debris inside the cooling fins.

This sort of leak and challenge makes our mobile mechanic highly unyielding.

Car Diagnostic

Perhaps you hear a strange noise beneath your hood, a warning light on your instrument panel, or you can see additional indications your car isn’t running as well as you’d typically expect. Now is precisely the time when you need an automobile diagnostics.

Our Oklahoma city mobile mechanic drives a Auto Mechanic Technology vehicle fitted with diagnostic equipment for prompt and accurate service to find any issue.

Starter Replacement

When you can’t start your vehicle, it can be a real pain. If you are late for work, or you have a car full of groceries.

Calling a mobile mechanic can distinguish the issue and can get your engine running, or change the starter in a matter of minutes once he has a replacement.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

A mobile mechanic will head to the car owner’s location and inspect your potential car purchase. Our Oklahoma city mobile mechanic can quickly carry out a 150-point inspection including inspection of the fluids, body, braking and cooling system, suspension, AC, tires, and appearance.

Our mechanic can scan the car’s computers for error codes and take a test drive if given permission.

Avoid purchasing a new vehicle if you don’t get the best possible advice. During every pre-purchase inspection we undergo, we always proceed as though the car were our purchase in Smith Village, Midway Village, Del City, Forest Park, Flynn, Valley Brook, Lillard Park, Nichols Hills, Lake Aluma, The Village.

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Other Mechanical Services

Each mobile mechanic in Oklahoma, can tell you these repairs are a small glimpse, and some of them are easy fixes. Nevertheless, a mobile mechanic may find things wildly varied, as every vehicle is unique.

The clutch and drivetrain are integral components of the ability to run your vehicle as designed, and no matter what the issue is, it becomes critical for you to find the right, affordable mobile mechanic to supply you solutions that can fix any problem.

Between your starting capacities, to stopping reliability, there is a multitude of other parts.  From timing belt problems, flat batteries, shoddy brakes, or any other issues, the decision to contact us is necessary in Oklahoma and also Smith Village, Midway Village, Del City, Forest Park, Flynn, Valley Brook, Lillard Park, Nichols Hills, Lake Aluma, The Village

Avoid running to an auto shop with faulty parts and potentially causing more damage on your way there.

Maintenance and repair of cars are neither timely nor practical for most people. Therefore, we aim to help make the entire process for you as easy and enjoyable as possible. We care about your car and your experience as a valued customer, as demonstrated by honest work ethics.

The entire staff and mobile mechanic teams throughout the company have a passion for being there for you, wherever, and whenever you need us.

We stayed loyal to the service of our community and, in return, over the 11 years, we have been recognized and have succeeded in setting up a mobile mechanic team of 11 grease monkeys who, alone, have managed to maintain and repair 9,640 vehicles.

If it weren’t for our community, we would have nothing, and to every single one of the 6,440 loyal customers, referrals and happy new customers who place their confidence in our mechanics, and us we are forever grateful.

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